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Less than 60 years ago, Wout Post, the soon-to-be founder of MOTIP, started using paint in his father’s shed in Valkenburg, a town between the powerhouses of Rotterdam and Dutch capital Amsterdam. He wanted to earn something extra as a student and decided to sell pots of paint. His interest in paint developed and he successfully experimented with the mixing of pigments himself. The rest is business history!
The paint system conquered Europe and MOTIP expanded its product line-up with even more sprays for even more purposes. Whether you have damage to your car, your bike, want to maintain your vehicle or need paint in your workplace, MOTIP has everything to help you, from technical sprays, paint to care products.
Like Wout, all you need is the drive to do it yourself. Motip provides the product to remove a scratch, make your rims look new, lubricate the chain of your bike and maintain other machines. With Motip, it does not matter whether you are a professional or not: There’s nothing you can’t fix.
In 1998, MOTIP B.V. successfully merged with DUPLI-COLOR to form the MOTIP DUPLI Group and from 2021, the company under which MOTIP is part, operates under the name European Aerosols.  Along with MOTIP, DUPLI-COLOR, presto, ColorMatic and private label brands they are now the market leader in the field of spray cans and are active throughout Europe.
Due to years of experience and the high level of know-how, European Aerosols is highly specialised in the development, production and distribution of spray cans and paint markers. Putties, brush tins, triggers and vials complete the overall concept.
The overall company is mainly active in the automotive, DIY and industrial markets with a wide range of spray cans, from high-quality (car) paints to more technical products, such as brake cleaner and silicone sprays. European Aerosols produces more than 150 million spray cans per annum.

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