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Rapid,Top Quality Products Built To Last.

Rapid is one of the world's leading companies in stapling and tacking innovation.

Rapid sell a carefully selected range of professional tacking tools, from lightweight hand tackers ideal for reupholstering and decorative work, to Heavy-Duty Hand Tackers suitable for stapling thin materials to wood.

Rapid also supply Rapid Hammer Tackers for stapling fitted carpets, underlay, insulation materials and for very heavy duty work Rapids Pneumatic Brad and Staple Guns can drive 12mm staples and 15mm brads to a depth of 30mm in wood.

Rapid also manufacture high quality staples to fit just about any stapler or tacker you can mentionalong and a range of innovative garden tools, heat guns and glue guns.

Rapid tools are classics, used by tradesmen all over the world for all kinds of jobs that have to meet extra high standards. In short, top quality Products built to last.


A Rapid History of Rapid

In 1936 Olle Westlund established Hestra Celluloid & Sportvarufabrik; the foundation of today's Rapid. Initially their products consisted of celluloid covers for maps, hair curlers and bells. The bands around the map covers were fastened by using stapling pliers made in Germany until 1942 when the German factory was bombed. This loss of supplies caused the company to start their own production of stapling pliers resulting in the launch of their first stapling plier, the Rapid 1 in 1943.

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