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Pony Jorgensen

Pony Jorgensen

It all started with an Illinois lady and a handscrew!  - header.

Pony Jorgensen, founded in 1903 in the famed US city of Chicago, had almost instant fame when creating the first clamp made specifically for woodworking, a handscrew.

Word spread fast and the Jorgensen handscrew very quickly became a staple choice among DIYers and professionals alike.

To this day, some over 120 years later, their avowed mission statement remains the same - to provide woodworkers with the best clamps at a fair price, however none of this would have happened with a certain Adele Holman.

The story surrounding the company's founder is even more intriguing. It all started with founder Adele Holman, a former professional opera singer, envisioned a business growing through innovation, excellent customer service, and woodworking tools with superior performance and quality.

Now a woman running a manufacturing company was unheard of back then, but 'Rumour Has It' she famously signed company documents A. V. Holman to hide her gender.

Partnering with Hans Jorgensen, a Danish cabinetmaker, and Marcus Russ, a tool salesman, they laid the foundation for Pony Jorgensen brands woodworkers have come to rely on for high quality clamps.

Under Adele's leadership, the product line expanded beyong handscrews to include iron clamping products, such as C-clamps and bar clamps, as well as the now famous Pony pipe clamp. Adele really had some 'Hometown Glory' to be proud of.


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