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One of the oldest businesses in the western world, Fiskars was founded in 1649 as an ironworks in the Fiskars village in Finland. The region’s large tracts of forestland and unharnessed waterpower, together with highly accessible water routes, made it an ideal centre for the Finnish iron industry.

Throughout which nearly four centuries, Fiskars has been driven forward by fearless curiosity and innovation, and a deep appreciation of the natural resources that sustain us. They’ve championed the ageless principles of high quality, intuitive & sustainable design.

Fiskars’ durable and ingenious premium gardening tools empower you to expand the horizons of possibility, helping to promote health, happiness and a strong connection to nature. Our gardens are extensions of our homes, and expressions of our imagination. Fiskars is for people who believe happiness is best served homegrown and handpicked.

Doing what we love brings us happiness and boosts our wellbeing. With Fiskars’ timeless design, you can immerse yourself in the art of cooking, gardening, or creating, and feel confident the tools and materials you use are mindfully created to support sustainability.

In their products, they apply five key actions to achieve sustainability:

•       Design for longevity.

•       Innovate materials.

•       Optimize resource use.

•       Reinvent packaging.

•       Create for circularity.


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